Hiking on Cougar Mountain in Issaquah

Our family recently checked out Cougar Mountain in Issaquah and did a little hiking. Cougar Mountain is very vast with 35 miles of trails. You can click on the provided link for more info on the area. Using this link I was able to choose which trail to go on since there was a lot to choose from and different directions for each one. We wanted an easy one so I chose the Red Town Trailhead. It turned out to be more of a nature walk and was pretty level. 

We hiked for just under an hour, enjoying the calm and quiet. The plants were beautiful and just begged to be photographed. There was a little rain that a.m so luckily for me, water droplets covered some of the flowers and plants, creating some pretty shots. The day was overcast and not very warm, resulting in diffused lighting, making the colors pop. My favorite thing about the trail was all of the small bridges, stairs, and fences. They made the hike more interesting, along with my photos. The trail ended up being a loop and before we knew it, we were back at the parking lot. The four of us enjoyed our hike and hopefully, we'll find some more trails to explore this summer.  


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