A Visit to Over the Rainbow Tea Bar

My family recently checked out Over the Rainbow Tea Bar in Bellevue. The vibe of the store was relaxed and fun. There were grey walls and really cool wings for posing with the drinks. My husband and I shared a Guava Tea with Rainbow Jelly and Boba. The drink was so fruity and refreshing. Then with our boys, we all shared one of the Oreo Egg Waffles. They sell bubble waffles for $4.99 but for another two bucks, you can get it with toppings and ice cream. The four of us were wowed by the dessert. It ended up being just right for sharing. We all love bubble waffles so it was the perfect treat. Adding the ice cream to it made it so yummy. It was topped with two Pocky sticks, and to our surprise, there was even Cocoa Puffs cereal in the bottom. So delicious! This is a spot we'll be returning to since the drinks and desserts are so good. Their location is also pretty great since they're across the street from the mall in Factoria. 


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