Drinks and Eats at Navy Strength

For the second part of our date to celebrate our Anniversary, we walked to Belltown's Navy Strength bar. This tropical themed bar serves Tiki style cocktails and food from around the globe. Their menu changes regularly to reflect food from different countries. I had their Navy Strength Cocktail which was an Old Fashioned with cognac, rum, roasted tropical fruit, and bitters. It was silky and smooth, and tasted strong. My husband had a shot of whiskey and a Rainier Beer. His shot was served in a cool looking skull shot glass. 

To eat, we shared two dishes. The first were the Steamed Buns which had cucumber, hoisin, and shiitake mushrooms. The buns were soft and the cucumbers were crunchy. The shiitake tasted like tofu and added nice flavor and texture to the buns. We also had the Maple and Fish Sauce Chicken Wings. They were a little spicy and they were messy as heck. But if you have food all over your hands, its a good time, right? We also wanted to try their Punch, so we shared one Punch of The Day before we left. It was fine, but there was lots of ice and it wasn't as strong as my other drink. 

The vibe of Navy Strength was relaxed and fun. Everyone, including us, was maxing and relaxing and living their best life. 


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