Boba Up

For a unique spin on Boba Tea, check out Boba Up in the U-District. They offer self-serve boba where you choose your cup and then fill it however you want. They have many choices of boba, popping boba, pudding, and more to add to your cup. You can also sample the toppings and teas before you add them. There offer a wide assortment of teas and smoothies. Then when your cup is filled, they put the lid on for you. Along with drinks, they sell bubble waffles, popcorn chicken, and fries. For my Boba Tea I chose regular boba and strawberry popping boba and I chose the frozen coffee to drink. The drink was nice and sweet and had a good coffee flavor. This experience was fun to try once, but I prefer the standard method of having the drink made for me. 


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