Brunch at Mission Cantina

Here's to weekend brunch! 

When I found out Mission Cantina does Bottomless Mimosas for their weekend brunch, I knew I needed to pay them a visit. For $15 you can order as many as you want and they also have fifteen flavors to choose from! They also have a kid's menu with pancakes, so I knew everyone would be happy. Located in West Seattle in the Admiral Junction, they've been open for fourteen years. Their restaurant celebrates Mexican cuisine and its culture.   

For my first Mimosa I chose a Fresa one. It had Orange Juice, Strawberry Puree, and Champagne. The drink arrived to our table looking so fresh and delicious and was topped with a pretty flower. For some brunch sustenance I chose the Mexican Chocolate Pancakes and the Avocado Toast. Our sons had the Horchata Pancakes. There were eight small silver dollar sized pancakes served with a banana, whipped butter, and syrup. My husband ordered the Hueves Rancheros. 

My pancakes had a nice cinnamon flavor going on and the small amount of chocolate on top was a nice touch. The whipped butter and syrup went a long way. The Avocado Toast was a little different than what we're used to getting. The avocado wasn't mashed up but instead was cut into pieces. 

I ended up with a lot of food so I gave my husband half my Avocado Toast and my son had one of my pancakes. I wanted to save room for my bottomless mimosas. I also tried the Mango flavor and the Mission Rum Punch.  They were served in tall and long glasses and all three were so good. If Mimosas are your thing then this is the place to go for brunch in Seattle.  

Mission Cantina has two stories. This is the bar in the main part of the restaurant. There's a loft upstairs with another bar and more tables. 

My pretty Fresa Mimosa. Fresa is Strawberry in Spanish. This was the one with Orange Juice and Strawberry Puree. 

My son's Horchata Pancakes. 

My Mexican Chocolate Pancakes. Yum! 

The unique Avocado Toast. I'm glad my husband helped me eat it since it was a lot of eats! 

My husband's Huevos Rancheros. If you're not familiar, this Mexican dish has fried or poached eggs served on a tortilla with a spicy tomato sauce. It must have been tasty, since he ate it up fast. 

My Mango Mimosa. 

My sons and I headed up the stairs to get some views of the space from above. 

Cheers! The Mission Rum Punch Mimosa. 


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