Korean Soft Serve at Milkcow in Richmond, BC

Our family just spent a weekend in Vancouver, BC. We stayed in downtown Vancouver for two nights. On the way, we stopped in Richmond for some Korean soft serve at Milkcow. What drew me there was the cotton candy placed on top of the ice cream. The dessert not only looked tasty but fun and unique. When I travel, my goal is to find food I can't get in Seattle.

I selected the Santorini flavor. It had vanilla soft serve with Oreo crumbles at the bottom, tropical blue syrup, pistachios, and blue cotton candy. It took a few minutes for them to prepare our treat. The fun part was watching them make the cotton candy. Then the ice cream was presented with a flourish, and we dug in. My son immediately grabbed the cotton candy and inhaled it. Although I did get one bite. It was pretty big, so we all shared the ice cream. The soft serve itself and the tropical syrup were very subtle without a lot of flavor. My favorite part was the crushed Oreo crumbles on the bottom. The pistachios were a nice touch, giving the dessert a bit more texture. It also came with a waffle straw that was underneath the cotton candy. 

The end result? The dessert was photo worthy, but not the tastiest thing I've ever eaten. The store was really cute and modern, located within the Richmond Olympic Oval district. The buildings were interesting and I couldn't help myself from photographing one of them. It was fun trying a new style of ice cream and now I can cross another place of the list.


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