Dim Sum at Fortune Terrace in Richmond, BC

After checking out of our hotel, we left Vancouver and stopped for dim sum in Richmond. We had to wait about forty five minutes for a table at Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine. For me the wait was worth it because of the adorable pig egg buns, the turtle shaped pineapple buns, and the sweet potato handbags.

At Fortune Terrace they give you a sheet with the menu items and you circle the ones you want. The wait was only a few minutes for the first plates to start coming out. We started with Oolong Tea. My husband wanted more savory dishes, so he ordered the Chicken Feet and Beef Tripe. We also ordered the Rice Roll and that arrived with a soy sauce, a peanut sauce, and hoisin. Our boys really liked the pineapple buns. These are a staple in Hong Kong and the three of us had never tried them. They were really sweet and full of pineapple filling.

The pigs were super cute and full of an egg filling when we cut into them. We also loved the sweet potato purses. There were three of them on a plate. There was the Louis Vuitton logo, Chanel, and Hermes. They were fun to eat and had a bright purple filling.

When we were done I was full from the small but heavy dishes. Then it was time to head back to Seattle. Our food adventure and holiday trip to Vancouver was over! Until next time, BC!  

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