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If cookies are your thing then you're in luck. The Georgetown Trailer Park Mall in Georgetown has a new addition.  Lowrider Baking Company recently opened its custom made trailer and they're selling their fresh baked cookies. Before they opened their trailer they only sold their cookies at farmer's markets, events, and pop-ups. Now you can get them on the weekends at the Trailer Park Mall, hooray!

The cookies are reasonably priced at $2 each, half a dozen for $11, or one dozen for $22. I'm a cookie fan and so are my sons so I couldn't wait to visit their new spot. This was my first time in a food trailer and it was adorable. I've gotten food from food trucks but this was different because I could actually go inside. There was a couple of tables for sitting and enjoying the cookies. I loved how the trailer was decorated with a Dachshund theme. The owners have Dachshunds and that explains the super cute logo.

I decided to go with a half a dozen for our family. I chose two Birthday Cake cookies, a Cookies and Cream, a Happy Almond, and two Brown Butter Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies. We sampled all four and simply loved them. The cookies were awesome and I can see us coming back for more.

Their trailer was so cozy and inviting. I also liked the dog artwork and small planters.
Such a delicious looking cookie selection.
A handful of cookies. Starting with Cookies and Cream, then Birthday Cake, the Happy Almond, another Birthday Cake, and then the Browned Butter Triple Chocolate Chunk on top. Can you say yum?
The Browned Butter Triple Chocolate Chunk was everything a chocolate chip cookie should be. Chewy, soft, full of chocolate, and a little salty from some sea salt. The brown butter also added some nuttiness. Just an all around great cookie. The Cookies and Cream one was tasty because of the Oreo chunks and white chocolate pieces.
The Birthday Cake cookie was the first one I tried. She decorated these with some Fall colored sprinkles. These were so sweet and rich and my sweet tooth was happy. I enjoyed every bite I tried. And they for sure reminded me of having birthday cake. I'm a sucker for white cake with white frosting and sprinkles and that's what these are, but in cookie form.
Yea for these Happy Almond cookies! They tasted just like an Almond Joy. And the chocolate drizzled on top was so decadent. These would be dangerous to have around your house.
The four cookies we tried were all so good and I'm looking forward to seeing what other flavors they come up with!


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