A Tour Of The Amazon Spheres in Downtown Seattle

Beware, this post has lots of Amazon Spheres images. I couldn't help myself because for me, it was a photographer's dream to tour the inside. It can be tricky to get a reservation to tour the Spheres. It's free but you need to reserve ahead of time online and the spots fill up fast. The tours to the public are also only available two Saturday's a month. I was able to find a slot but it started at 4:45 pm. I was hoping to visit earlier in the day because I wanted to see the natural light from the windows on the plants. But beggars can't be choosers and I was just excited to see the interior of the Spheres.

The light ended up being striking as we pulled up to the Spheres and parked in the parking garage. The sun had set and the sky was a pretty, dark blue. The Spheres were completed in 2017, although planning for them started in 2013. They are part of Amazon HQ and were built to be an urban oasis for the employees. The amount of plants inside are unbelievable and quite remarkable how they got all of them inside. When walking around, I felt like I could be anywhere in the world, not just in the middle of downtown Seattle.

There was plenty to see as our family explored. Our favorite part was the "bird's nest", which seems to suspend in the air and you can sit inside of. There's a wonky bridge you walk to first, which was kind of wobbly and took me by surprise. There are several floors that wind up around the Spheres and its really neat to look down and see the different viewpoints. We only spent about thirty minutes inside. That was plenty of time to check everything out. But if you get hungry there's a General Porpoise inside, serving some of the best doughnuts I've ever eaten. But keep in mind they close at 3 pm.

Interested in learning more about the Spheres and how to book your weekend visit? Click here!


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