There's a new cinnamon roll game in town, so move over Cinnabon and make way for Cinnaholic. They're a gourmet cinnamon roll shop that just opened in Capital Hill. And these may not look like it, but they're vegan. But be warned, they're not sugar free! Cinnaholic won ABC's Shark Tank and now have many locations. These sounded too delicious to pass up, so I went and checked out the new store here in Seattle. They have over twenty toppings for the cinnamon rolls and they also sell safe to eat cookie dough and cookies. I chose the Cookie Monster cinnamon roll. It had frosting, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and cookie dough. It was huge and looked like a sugar crash waiting to happen. I'm thankful to my husband for sharing it with me. He usually doesn't go for sweets, but he couldn't resist this cinnamon roll. It took us two sittings to finish it all and it was still delicious a few hours later.


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