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Nestled on 12th Ave on Capital Hill is Canon, a small and dimly lit bar perfectly suited for a date night. They've been named one of the best bars in the world and they have over 4,000 bottles. In fact, there are so many bottles that they store some in the restroom. I found the drinks awe inspiring and fun. And I got why I've been hearing so many impressive things about Canon for years. They're open daily from 5-2am and if you arrive at 4:58 there will be people waiting outside, in the rain, for that impressive and delightful cocktail they can't find anywhere else.

The bar has an exclusive feel since it only holds 48 people and if you arrive after six, there can be quite a wait. The host checks your I.D at the door and then seats you. Since the space is small, the groups can't be bigger that four people. If you can follow the rules, then your time at Canon will be a success and you will leave with a nice buzz going since the drinks are strong.

My husband and I didn't make a reservation but showed up two minutes after they opened. We were seated at a nice, but small, corner booth. My drink pick was called Bubbles 'N Baths and the glassware was a claw foot bathtub. It was a strong cocktail and the level never seemed to get any lower and it felt like I was in drink heaven. There were two compartments to the bathtub glass and the lower part was emptied first, making the liquid in the tub part remain. The drink had gin, chartreuse, falernum, lime, and grapefruit. It was fruity and the gin was nice and strong, and the fresh flowers on top were a pretty touch. My husband decided on an drink called an Elementary. It had bourbon, tawny port, cream sherry, rhubarb shrub, and boker's bitters. The drink arrived in a clear glass in the shape of an old school pipe and had some liquid nitrogen on top. For some added presentation, our server stirred the drink with a long glass stirrer. His drink reminded me of an Old Fashioned, which we both like.

We thoroughly enjoyed our drinks and the intimate setting. We could have stayed for hours and relaxed with another round and something to nosh on, but the night wasn't getting any earlier and we had dinner plans. But for next time-the food menu was full of crave worthy bites. Like Seared Foie Gras, Beef Tartare, Pork Belly Bun, Grilled Short Ribs, and more. And I hope there's a next time, because Canon is special.

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