Dinner at Breezy Town Pizza and Clock Out Lounge

Beacon Hill has a new hot spot for pizza and you won't want to miss it. Breezy Town Pizza is located inside Clock Out Lounge on Beacon Ave. It is a bar but they're all ages until 8 pm. Since there are two separate businesses, you order your drinks at the bar and pay, then go to the other counter and order your food and pay. When its ready they'll bring it over to your table.

The first thing we had to do was whet the palate with a drink. I had a crisp Prosecco and my husband had a cocktail called a Grape Knee High- it had Vodka and Chambord. The two sips I had of that drink went down too easily and I could have had a couple of my own. We also shared a Caesar salad which was pretty standard. Another food besides pizza that Chicago is famous for is Cheddar and Caramel popcorn. I thought that sounded like a fun appetizer, so I went for it. And I'm pleased I did. Plus it was topped with sugared walnuts. Can you say tasty? All this goodness and we hadn't even gotten to the pizza. I knew it would be good.

I was right. It was pizza I'm still drooling over days later. They're going for Chicago/ Detroit style. Basically pan pizza with the caramelized crust of your dreams. For the Toddler pizza which we ate, they use Wisconsin Brick Cheese and Mozzarella, a nice and chunky tomato sauce, and then top it with Basil. The crust was really thick and is a sourdough they took their time to perfect. They use the word "cheese edge" for their caramelized crust and that is some serious yum. Every bite tasted incredible and it was great fun to eat a style of pizza I hadn't had in a while.

Well, damn, now I'm hungry again. Breezy Town Pizza is one of those places I must return to soon!


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