Bourbon and Bacon Fest 2018

On March 10th I had the pleasure of attending the Bourbon & Bacon Fest at the Seattle Design Center. My sister-in-law received two tickets from her Employer and she took me. Lucky me! I was ready for bourbon and I was ready for bacon. Our tickets were VIP for the night portion of the event. It was nice getting in an hour and a half before the general admission because the space wasn't swarmed with people yet. Plus we could spend more time talking to the venders.

Upon entering, we were handed a bag with a whiskey glass we'd use for sampling, a bag of coins for our food and drinks, and a tray to hold everything. We forgot about the tray until we were about halfway done sampling, so we didn't use ours. The Bourbon and Bacon Fest benefits Treehouse, who work to give foster children homes and futures.

There were fifty distilleries and local restaurants there with tables. It was a little overwhelming deciding what to try first. We stayed a little over two hours and probably tried about half of the vendors there. The very first thing we tried was Top Pot, who were handing out doughnut holes with a maple glaze. We each got one plain and one bacon doughnut hole. Then we tried a sample of whiskey and we were on our way. Another dessert I enjoyed was from Hollywood Baked Goods, who were handing out little brownies. They packed a little heat because of the ghost pepper added to them. My favorite taste of bourbon was a chocolate one from Brovo Spirits and a root beer whiskey from Rebel Yell.

A lot of the food was a little too spicy and all of that pork was a little rich for me. But it was still really fun to attend. We tried quite a few savory food items and I left really full and quite buzzed from all of the spirits samples.


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