Northwest Folklife Festival 2015

Happy Memorial Day weekend! There's tons of activities to keep us busy and entertained this weekend and the Northwest Folklife Festival is one way.  Held every year for over forty years, this event is held at Seattle Center.  I go most years if I'm in town and I decided to check it out yesterday.  Its focus is music and art with countless performers either on stage or along the walkways.  I really felt the energy of the crowd and enjoyed doing some people watching.  Folklife just reminds me how progressive Seattle is and how many types of people live here.  The crowds were thick though and the lines for food were long.  But another neat thing about the event is how many variations of food you can get.  It's your typical fair food with Elephant Ears, corn dogs, burgers, ice cream and just about anything else to give you a stomach ache.  Before we left we shared an Elephant Ear is ice cream and it was worth every calorie!  For more info on the event, click here


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