Today, this is what I'm having for lunch.

Why? Because I want to and no one else is home to tell me no. 

This guilty pleasure is a Trifle.
A Trifle is very easy to make. I used strawberries, jello, whipped cream and chocolate cake cut into small pieces.  But you can use anything you want in yours.

First, arrange your ingredients and cut them into bite sized pieces.  

Then, take your Trifle dish, it needs to be a clear, glass dish so you can see the pretty layers, and start with a layer of whipped cream on the bottom, then just start layering whatever you have selected to use in your Trifle.  

And, presto, you have a Trifle. A super easy and refreshing dessert! 

Now, go, make your own. The sky's the limit.  You can add anything to your Trifle! 
Meanwhile, I need to go find some actual lunch!


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