Dinner at Spazzo

   Tonight we ate dinner at Spazzo in Redmond, WA.  I was able to try the Asiago Flaming Cheese and Lemoncello which has been on my list of foods and drinks to try.  The Lemoncello is an Italian dessert digestive which you drink and is made of vodka, lemons and sugar. The cocktail was super sweet and very strong at the same time. Ever been to one of those restaurants where the server is doing a flam-bey show at someone's table? Well at Spazzo, they do flaming cheese, tableside and then when the fire goes out, you spread the hot gooeyness on some bread. The perfect appetizer to my pizza.  Yum, I love cheese, don't you?  

Sipping on some housemade Sangria while we waited in the lounge for our 6:00 Dinner Reservation.

Our server, Michelle Britz, with our flaming Asiago Cheese.  The cheese is oven-baked with brandy, oregano and lemon.  Good stuff!

Now just put some on the bread and enjoy!

My husband's entree, the steak sirloin with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach.  

He ordered a glass of the Sangiovese, an Italian red wine to go with his steak. 

My Lemoncello drink for my after dinner drink, just like the Italians do.


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