Lunch at FOB Sushi Bar in Downtown Seattle


My selection of fresh sushi from FOB Sushi Bar! 

If you love to eat sushi, check out FOB Sushi Bar in downtown Seattle. This was the best sushi, hands down, that I've had. You will love this spot if you enjoy sushi but don't like spending tons of money for it. At FOB Sushi Bar, they charge you by the pound and its only $14.99 a pound. 

They have a ton of sushi to choose from. First, you first grab a small tray and a pair of small tongs. Then you work your way down the counter, which is filled to the brim with gorgeous looking sushi of all types. It's hard to choose for sure! I ended up with seven pieces. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the sushi, because of the price per pound. I loaded up on ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. But it turned out I didn't need any of that. Each piece melted in my mouth. The fish on each one was so fresh! 

The secret seems to be out on this place, because as we were eating at one of the counters, the line was not only out the door, but across the way to the next building outside! When you see a line out the door of any restaurant, you know the food's going to be great. We arrived at the perfect time on a weekday, it was 11:45 and only a few people were ahead of us in line. We were able to grab seating from the limited amount inside. They haven't been open too long; I believe they opened this year. Add this spot to your foodie list if you're a sushi fan! 

FOB Sushi Bar 

2101 4th Ave

Seattle, WA 


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