A Visit to Yellow Bee Market and Cafe

 There's a brand-new market and cafe located on Yesler Way, in the Central District. This is just what this neighborhood needed, for the local residents and for all the people who visit the park and community center across the street. Yesler Terrace park is one of our boys' favorite parks, and I always thought the area could use a spot to buy boba tea or grab a snack. 

Yellow Bee Market and Cafe sells made to order Bahn Mi sandwiches, coffee and boba tea, fresh produce, and tons of Asian and American snacks. The space is large, and people seemed surprised by the size when they wandered in. I waited a long time for our sandwiches, so I was able to see a lot of customers come and go in that time. I ordered two Beef Brisket Bahn Mi sandwiches and one Strawberry Milk Tea with tapioca. 

My milk tea was made incorrectly, however, and was too strong. It tasted bitter, not very sweet, and too heavy on the green tea flavor. They're new and still working out the kinks. I think the lady forgot to make our sandwiches, as I waited over twenty minutes and everyone who was behind me ordering theirs, was gone. But she was sweet and apologetic and gave us two free Oatmeal Raisin cookies and even said next time our sandwiches would be free. 

We went home to eat our food. The sandwiches ended up being excellent. The Beef Brisket was tender and flavorful. All of the veggies were so fresh, our only complaint was how super spicy the jalapenos were! I picked mine out, because they seemed hotter than usual. I would recommend ordering the sandwiches without them. The free cookies were delicious, as free cookies usually are! These were soft and chock full of raisins. I'm glad this market opened in the Yesler area and I'm sure they'll be successful. 

Yellow Bee Market and Cafe 

922 E Yesler Way

Seattle, WA 


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