A South Lake Union Photo Walk

 This week has some gorgeous spring days so far, so I took advantage of the absolutely clear sky and went over to South Lake Union to take a photo walk. Also known as SLU, this Seattle neighborhood is Amazon territory, and the busy sidewalks are full of tech employees on their break. This whole area feels shiny with new businesses and skyscrapers, reflecting the gorgeous blue sky. I've been wanting to pop over to SLU for a while to photograph some of the newer architecture. I'm happy I finally did and got some good shots! 

I took this at the edge of Denny Park. Denny Park is a lot nicer than it was in the past. And these skyscrapers are all relatively new. I remember when none of these buildings existed. I moved to Seattle in 2000 and at the time, this was a parking lot. I like how the trees from the park frame the architecture. Kind of gives me NYC vibes. 

This building is one of the coolest newer buildings in the area. This is the Skyglass building, a 33-story residential tower that resembles a stack of magazines. 

Amazon installed the original Elephant Car Wash sign a couple of years ago near their headquarters on 7th and Blanchard St. This iconic Seattle sign stood just a few blocks away at their car wash for sixty years. I remember walking by the original one weekly when I visited the film and camera store in the area. How neat that Amazon found a new home for the sign. To me, it doesn't look out of place and contrasts well with the buildings. 

So much design and symmetry to be found, just remember to look up and not at your phone. 


The Amazon Spheres are a unique addition to the area. The Spheres were first opened in 2018. I like photographing these, but some people think they're an eye sore. The plants inside are a wonderful addition to the space. The Spheres are part of the Amazon headquarters, but anyone can book a free tour to check the interior out. Go here to see my post from our visit inside. In this shot, there were people everywhere, employees on their break, I believe, and they were giving away free bananas. I guess they like their workers full of potassium? 

Thanks for checking out the images from my SLU photo walk. I couldn't have chosen a better and clearer day! 


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