A Day Trip to Woodinville, WA

 Summer is a great time to explore the states we live in, and sometimes, going thirty minutes in any direction can bring adventures. My family explored Woodinville recently, as our sons had never been, and it had been years since we visited. Woodinville is best known for its wineries and fine dining. There are also farms, playgrounds, and local shops- so lots of fun things abound for spending a few hours exploring. 

Anytime is coffee time, so our first stop was Grounds Coffee Co. for an iced coffee. This local spot is a drive-thru and they have locations around the greater Seattle area. Their coffee drinks are super unique with fun flavors and lots of sweet toppings! We chose a coffee with peanut butter, whipped cream, and topped with chocolate whipped cream and two small cookies. This drink was over the top, literally! They whipped cream and cookies were on top of the lid. They also have pastries and some savory items. My sons shared a container of mini cinnamon rolls. 

Next, we had some playtime at a local park. Wilmot Gateway Park was large with a nice playground, walking trails, and bike trails. Then we headed to JB Family Growers. It was opening weekend of their lavender season, and they were having a Lavender festival. We popped into their tiny gift shop, and I purchased some lavender essential oils. Then we paid the $8 admission to walk around the lavender fields. Kids 12 and under were free. 

They had some fun games for kids, some local pop-ups, and rows upon rows of lavender and flowers. My kids spotted a tent selling freeze-dried candy and beelined to it. Magic Maggie's Treats sells all kinds of freeze-dried candy such as skittles and airheads. We bought two small bags of candy. The Skittles one surprised me by how delicious they were. These freeze-dried candies were fun to try, but definitely more of a novelty item to have once. 

After exploring the lavender farm, we headed to The Hollywood Tavern for dinner. They opened in 1947 and are a historic wine country tavern and restaurant. They serve tavern far and craft cocktails. You can dine inside in their dining room or outside, around the fire pit. We started with a cocktail. I selected a Sidecar and my husband chose a Manhattan. The Whiskey in his drink was from the Woodinville Whiskey Company right next door. 

They have a kid's menu, so our boys ordered some Chicken Strips with fries. My husband ordered the Mabel's Cajan Chicken Sandwich. I had the Ancho Chili Tots which had braised pork, queso, tortilla strips, cilantro, and an ancho lime crema. These tots had just the right amount of heat and the pork was nice and tender. These were so enjoyable to eat, especially paired with my Sidecar. 

After our meal, our time in Woodinville was over and we drove back to Seattle. We appreciated how peaceful the area was. We liked doing things we'd never done and checking out a part of Washington we haven't spent too much time in. 

What places are you interested in visiting in your area this summer? With the beautiful weather and long days, summer is such a good time to explore the places around you. 


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