My favorite travel photos of 2021

 At the end of every year I like to reflect back on where I traveled. This year Montana was as far as I went. I flew there several times to spend time with my parents. I also went to Florence, Oregon with my family. My family and I also explored more of Washington State's small towns. We stayed overnight in Leavenworth, a fun town that looks just like Germany, about 2.5 hrs. from Seattle. We also checked out the town of Snohomish, Edmonds, and Poulsbo. Here are twelve of my favorite photos I shot this year in 2021. 

I took this in Florence, OR near the Heceda Head Lighthouse. See my original post right here

If you want a photo from this angle of Heceda Head, there's another trail right above the first one. Love this view of both the Pacific Ocean and the lighthouse. See the post here

This lighthouse, Yaquina Head, is my favorite lighthouse on the OR coast. It had been years since I visited, so it was good to be back. See the post I did here

In February I took a mid-winter trip to my hometown of Columbia Falls, MT. In this shot I captured the deer taking a little stroll with the snowy mountains in the background. See the post from that trip here
Edmonds is a town about thirty minutes north of Seattle. I'd been there only once before and wanted to go check it out. I'm so glad I did. The town is really cute and there's so many local businesses to shop and eat at. I've returned since my first visit and have dinner reservations there in a couple weeks. See my post here

The town of Poulsbo, WA, also known as "Little Norway", is way worth a visit. About an hour and a half from Seattle, it's such a neat place to walk around. You can check out my post here for more. 

Another really cool place in Washington is Leavenworth. We really enjoyed our time there and I'm sure we'll be back there eventually. See my post here

My family and I also really liked the town of Snohomish, WA. They also have a great and vibrant downtown/main street that's worth checking out. See that post here

Another shot from my mid-winter trip in Feb. This is of a frozen Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. See the post here

In June my sons and I flew to MT. The weather was gorgeous, and I love seeing the big sky, which is a nickname for the area. This photo is of the Flathead River, which flows through Columbia Falls. You can see the post here

Another shot of Lake McDonald, but this time taken in June. Such a wonderful place to be in the summertime. See the post here

And last, is a photo from my recent trip this month to MT. The snow was unexpected, but really beautiful. See the post right here

Thank you for checking out my post about my fav travel shots from this year! 


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