Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


A stack of Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies! 

The week between Christmas and New Year's is kind of a no man's land. Add in some snow days and really all we're getting done is some baking and playing outside in the snow. Perfect, really. This month I made fudge and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gingerbread Men. So I wanted to bake one more thing before the New Year. I love baking cookies because they're so delicious and relatively easy to make. I found a recipe for Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies online and they looked and sounded amazing. 

Since you need to chill the dough overnight or at least for several hours, I mixed up the dough before I went to bed. Then the next day, I just had to roll the dough into balls, dip them into two kinds of sugar, and bake them. Breaking the project in half made it really easy. I would recommend doubling the recipe, since I only got about fourteen cookies. I live with two cookie monsters, so I imagine these will be gone in a flash.  

The cookies taste really rich and fudgy. They're more like brownies with a nice, crackly edge and a gooey middle. The chocolate chips are melted when they come out of the oven and take the cookies over the top. These are Christmas cookies, but you could make them any time of the year! 

I found the recipe on and you can find it here. Happy Baking! 


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