A Weekend in Columbia Falls, MT


It snowed during my visit to Montana. It's so beautiful in the Flathead Valley when it snows! 

Last weekend I flew to Columbia Falls, MT to visit my parents. The flight from Seattle to Kalispell, where the local airport is, is only an hour. I grabbed some breakfast at Sea-Tac airport. They have a lot of new places to eat now. I grabbed a bite from Lucky Louie Fish Shack. I had a Strawberry Lemonade, a Smoked Salmon Bagel and six Sweet Waffle Fish. Each waffle fish had a cheesecake filling and your choice of a dipping sauce. I chose Salted Caramel. I ate three and brought the other three with me so my folks could try them. This was an awesome breakfast at the airport. The lemonade was really sweet and refreshing and the salmon bagel was filling and tasted fresh. I loved the waffle fish because of the cheesecake filling and the yummy caramel sauce. I would grab a meal here again next time! 

I flew Alaska Air and the flight was a full one. I did have a window seat which is always nice. I took a bunch of shots of the view from the air. I loved the views of the mountain peaks and the lakes and rivers. Before I knew it, we were touching down at the Glacier Park International airport in Kalispell. 

We attended the annual Night of Lights parade and my parents' church also had a tree lighting before the parade. They served Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. I was able to visit with some people and wish them a Merry Christmas. I grew up attending this church and have known these wonderful people my whole life. We sung some carols and then the tree lit up. I picked a sugar cookie with a cute tree on it. It tasted so good! They even had heaters outside to keep us warm. 

Inside the church, they had a craft fair with local venders selling items. Right away I spotted a table with a woman selling handmade Hot Cocoa Bombs. I couldn't resist buying one. I'd been on the lookout for these for the last year, and I happened to find them in Columbia Falls! I purchased a S'mores one and when we got home from the parade, I enjoyed it. Just put the chocolate ball in a mug and heat up some milk. Pour the milk over the ball and the ball will open up and melt. The Hot Chocolate Bomb has marshmallows that will come out. Then stir and enjoy! It was really rich and delicious. I shared it with my mom and she loved it, too! These are made by Southern House of Chocolates. 

For dinner my mom made baked chicken wings and a layered bean dip. It also has sour cream and guacamole. I helped add the shredded cheese, olive, and diced tomatoes on top. This was a dish we always had around Christmas growing up. My mom had bought some Huckleberry wine to go with our dinner. It tasted nice and sweet. 

The weather during my visit was really cold, in the high 20's. The parade was nice and festive. I always loved going to the parade every year growing up. It's a fun way to kick off the holiday season. The event was packed though, with locals and visitors alike. And it was hard to find a parking spot, which is a rare thing in this town. Lots of people have recently moved to Columbia Falls. 

The next morning we woke up to lots of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. My mom wanted to go cut down a Christmas tree. So we bundled up and did just that. Luckily she had an extra pair of snowboots for me. The snow was just so pretty! That night we decorated their home with all of their Christmas stuff. Their house looked so festive when we were done! 

A new addition to Columbia Falls is a brand new Starbucks! I'm sure the locals aren't impressed, but I loved it. This is a large store and felt pretty upscale. There's lots of seating and even a large fireplace to chill next to. My mom hasn't had Starbucks much, so I walked her through the menu. She decided on a Salted Caramel decaf Mocha. I chose a Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte and a really cute Reindeer Cake Pop. We sat down by the fireplace and enjoyed our coffee. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon vising my aunts and uncle at their houses. Then I flew back home to Seattle the next day! What a fun weekend in Columbia Falls! 


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