Florence, OR Scenes | Fall 2021


Shine bright like a lighthouse. This year we took the trail a little higher up and got this gorgeous view of Heceda Head Lighthouse. I love how you can get the Pacific Ocean and the lighthouse in the same frame. I waited a beat to get the light in the lighthouse, and it made a big difference in the shot. 

My family recently spent some time in Florence, OR. We also went last fall and we were happy to be back, exploring Oregon's Central Coast. On the first full day, we visited Heceda Head Lighthouse. I wanted to get a different viewpoint than I got last year. I didn't realize there was another trail that affords you a different view. The small hike was more than worth it. The lighthouse looked so pretty with the ocean behind it. I was also able to capture some great shots of the beach from above. The sun was in a prime position for some captivating views of the Pacific. After our lighthouse hike, we played on the beach. Our sons loved running around, trying not to let the surf touch their feet. 

We stayed at the same hotel as last year, the Best Western Pier Point In. The views of the Siuslaw River are beautiful. I shot a nice sunset shot and on the last day of the trip, I got a photo of people fishing with Old Town Florence in the background. 

Stay tuned for a few more OR blogs. I have a lot of food blogs on the way!   


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