Halloween Cookies at Lowrider Cookie Co


                                            Only treats for me this Halloween, no tricks! 

Today was a sunny Saturday so my boys and I walked to Georgetown to visit Lowrider Cookie Co. We wanted to buy some of their Halloween Cookies. They have a super cute trailer where they sell their delicious cookies and its always a joy to go. 

For the holiday they have really yummy looking cookies and even a stuffed one with neon green icing! Our fav cookie from Lowrider is their Birthday Cake so this weekend they have them with Halloween Sprinkles, either filled with frosting or plain. They also have a fun looking chocolate one with sprinkles which my son picked. He said it tasted like a rich brownie. Yum. My other son and I chose a Stuffed Birthday Cake cookie which we loved. These cookies are very sweet, so I recommend saving the other half for later! Then we chose a Birthday Cake cookie without frosting for my husband. 

Tomorrow is Halloween and the last day to get these cookies. I bet they'll have even more cute ones for December! 

Lowrider Cookie Co. 

5805 Airport Way South

Seattle, WA 

(206) 485-7266 

 They also have a location in the Central District at 2407 E. Union St. and they do pop-ups around Seattle. 


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