Three spots to dine out in Florence, OR


                                   Some incredibly fresh sushi from The Hukilau in Florence. 

This was our second year in a row visiting Florence, OR. I always like to try new restaurants wherever I travel. This year we dined at a few new (to us) spots. 

The Hukilau 

The Hukilau is located along Hwy 101 and is very popular with the locals. They serve really fresh and tasty sushi and tiki drinks. You'll feel transported to Hawaii. I did! We started with a fun and colorful cocktail. My husband had a Blue Hawaiian and I had a Mai Tai. For some reason the drinks are pretty cheap, but made perfectly and were very comparable to the ones in Hawaii. 

I chose a Maui Wowie roll. This sushi had fresh ahi tuna, avocado, mango, cucumber, furikake, and a guava glaze. Furikake is a dry Japanese condiment that's sprinkled on top of rice, veggies, and fish. I really enjoyed the fresh tuna and the sweet mango. My husband had some Korean Beef Shortribs with rice and macaroni salad that looked delectable and he absolutely raved about. He shared a bite of the beef with me and it was really tender.  Currently, The Hukilau is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 am until 6:30. We went right at 11:00 to be sure we got a table. 

The Hukilau 

185 Highway 101, Florence, OR 

(541) 997-1071

                                                                 Three Rivers Casino

Florence has a large casino/resort called the Three Rivers Casino. We aren't into gambling, but there are some good dining options there. We went two nights for dinner. On our first visit we dined in the food court which had a lot of tables and several food options. You can even get cocktails from one of them, Pacific Cold Bar and Cocktails, where we had a Long Island Iced Tea. We got food from 101 Burger Bar. I was craving chicken wings, so it worked out just right. My husband had a fish sandwich, I had wings, and my kids had chicken strips. For dessert, I bought a piece of Salted Caramel Cake that had tons of frosting. I took it back to our room and it took several days to polish off. 

The second visit to the Three Rivers Casino we dined at Blue Bills. Their menu is American cuisine and they have a full bar. I had a Cosmo and my husband had a Manhattan. My sons and I shared a few of the appetizers. My husband had the Chicken Fried Steak. We tried the Cheese Bread, the Cheese Curds, and the Jalapeno Poppers. Since it is a hotel, along with a casino, kids are allowed in the restaurant areas, just not the actual casino part. This turned into a good dining option for us, and was only a couple minutes outside of town. 

Three Rivers Casino Resort

5647 Or-126, Florence, OR 

(877) 374-8377

Los Compadres 

There are several really good Mexican food options in Florence. We've eaten at a few of them, but our favorite has been Los Compadres. This small and lively taqueria is locally owned. It fills up quickly, so get there early. There are only 4 or 5 tables inside, and an outdoor seating area when the weather cooperates. We really liked the food and the service was prompt. I had a Watermelon Margarita and some really yummy Beef Quesadillas. My husband had a Chicken Chimichanga, which he really enjoyed and ate every bite of. 

Los Compadres Taqueria 

397 Highway 101, Florence, OR 

(541) 997-1647

Hope you enjoyed my Oregon posts. Thanks for following along. Once again, I had a blast documenting my travels and food adventures! 


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