A Visit to Heceda Head Lighthouse

                                         The Heceda Head Lighthouse stands 56 feet tall! 

A highlight for my family and I during our trip to Florence, OR was seeing the Heceda Head Lighthouse. I love photographing and visiting lighthouses. My son also loves them. This lighthouse is located thirteen miles from Florence. You need to walk up a trail for 1/2 mile to reach it if you want to see the structure up close. 

The sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean are gorgeous on a sunny day. We made sure we visited when the weather was good. Heceda Head was built in 1894. It's light shines a beam visible for twenty one nautical miles. I was surprised to learn that this lighthouse has the strongest beam of any on the Oregon Coast! You can see the lighthouse from Highway 101. So on the way back to Florence, we stopped at an overlook and I was able to photograph it from afar. 


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