A Visit to BJ's Ice Cream Parlor

                                  A double scoop cone from BJ's Ice Cream Parlor in Florence! 

One thing I love about exploring new cities and towns is discovering where to tame your sweet tooth! A quick Google search will tell me where to go. For Florence, OR, BJ's Ice Cream Parlor is the place to get a treat. They serve ice cream, fudge, taffy, and caramel corn. The amount of ice cream flavors they have is impressive. My son went with a scoop of their Blue Moon ice cream. He really liked it and said it tasted like blueberries. I selected two scoops because I was sharing with my husband. My other son ended up also sharing with us, so I didn't feel like I pigged out too much. 

I chose a scoop of Bing Cherry and a scoop of Chocolate Cheesecake. My favorite was the Bing Cherry because it tasted a lot like Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. The cherry chunks were huge and the ice cream was really creamy! There are actually two locations in town. We visited the one in Old Town, the main tourist and foodie area in Florence! 


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