Checking Out San Diego's Old Town and Brunch at Old Town Cosmopolitan

Before we knew it, it was our last day in San Diego. Our flight was in the evening so we had the day to explore. I originally wanted to go to Belmont Park, an amusement by the beach, but they were closed because of a little rain in the forecast. It did end of raining that morning but only some sprinkles. Another spot on my list to explore was Old Town. So we decided to head there, walk around and then get lunch at one of the lively restaurants.

Old Town turned out to be a fun place to hang out. There was history everywhere and interesting architecture. Click on the Old Town link above to read more about the area. The Catholic Church was a beautiful structure. The inside was also nice with the stained glass windows. We wandered around the Steely Stable Museum (free) and saw some covered wagons. There was a lot to feast our eyes on in the historic part of San Diego, but we were soon ready to actually feast since it was lunchtime.

At our hotel, I had found a brochure for the Old Town Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant. There was a coupon and it also stated that kids ate free. We decided to check out their brunch menu. We were seated outside and the space was quiet and relaxing. My husband chose some sort of Razzle-dazzle martini and I had a Sangria. We shared the Fried Chicken and Churros. Our sons had chicken strips and cheese pizza. Our dish was interesting and unique, but not our favorite representation of the popular Chicken and Waffles. The idea was nice, but the chicken was a little dry and there wasn't much meat on the bones. The churros were tasty, but they would've been better on their own with a caramel or chocolate dipping sauce. In the end we forgot to use our coupon and only one of the kids meals were free, but we still had a nice lunch dining outside.  

Then it was time to head back to the airport, turn in the rental car, and check in for our flight. Our flight ended up being delayed by an hour. The flight home was fine, but we arrived back to a snow covered Seattle. It was a challenge driving home from the airport on the snowy roads. But we eventually made it home, and fell into bed at 1:30 am. But it was all worth it to make more memories together as a family. To explore a new city and all of its amazing attractions and restaurants. The warm sunshine wasn't so bad either. 

Thanks for reading all of my San Diego posts. It's been fun to relive the trip again. Hopefully I've inspired others to get out there and explore!


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