Dinner at Corvette Diner in San Diego's Liberty Station

San Diego has some awesome kid friendly restaurants and we were able to visit several of them. Corvette Diner is a fun 50's diner with a large arcade. Memorabilia covers the walls and the servers are very peppy, and they even dance. There are TV's by every table, playing old black and white movies. Their menu is diner food, so burgers, shakes, salads and the like are available. There's a guy who visits every table and does balloon animals, something our boys enjoyed. I had the Rum Runner cocktail, which was fruity and tasted like a Mai Tai. I also had a small Caesar salad and the Say Cheese appetizer with were triangle shaped cheese wedges served with a marinara sauce. Our boys had the usual suspects from the kids menu, one had a hot dog and the other had a cheeseburger. My husband had a Greek Salad served with a whole grain roll. We had such a fun time in this lively restaurant and there was something for everyone.

After eating we drove around Liberty Station and I took some photos of the buildings and signs. I could see downtown San Diego from across the way, and I liked how the palm trees and buildings sparkled and reflected in the water. Then it was time to call it a night and head back to our room. The next day was a big day because we were headed to the San Diego Zoo!


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