Rolled Ice Cream at Hi B3AR

Chocolate goodness awaited us at the new store Hi B3AR in the International District. When I saw they serve rolled ice cream, I was already out the door and heading to the car. I didn't know Seattle had any rolled ice cream from a brick and mortar store, so I was excited to get my hands on a cup of some. We tried the Sweet Heart, a chocolate and Oreo flavor, in a small cup. It was fun to watch them make it right in front of us. First she poured the ice cream onto a cold circular table. Then she flattened it all around and began to use a tool to roll the ice cream into seven rolls. Finally, she scooped them into a cup and we chose our toppings. We picked chocolate sauce, gummy bears, animal crackers, and two Pocky Sticks. My sons were with me, so I had to go all kid style on the toppings. And an added note- it was a perfect place for kids, because what kid doesn't love ice cream? The kids also loved watching the process of how its rolled. How did it taste? We loved it. The Oreo flavor was just right and the ice cream was on the harder side but still really creamy and rich. The chocolate sauce on top was just right with the ice cream. Another bonus is you can have as many topping added as you want. Another food adventure for me, plus the whole family got a fun treat.


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