Dinner at Sugar Factory in Bellevue

For a special birthday dinner for our sons, we checked out the new Sugar Factory in Bellevue. The experience was like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There was a bright and colorful gift shop near the front of the restaurant where they were featuring Mariah Carey's Christmas line. They decorated the restaurant with Christmas details everywhere in order to promote the seasonal line of products. The gift shop also sold bulk candy, ice cream, cupcakes, and more merchandise. Sugar Factory is a chain that has locations all over the world. They are known for their signature goblets, a cocktail with sixty ounces of liquid. They are topped with candy and are poured tableside by the server. The really fun part is watching the dry ice as the liquid meets the ice. I tried a Lollipop Passion goblet. It had melon, pineapple, and coconut, and had two huge lollipops and a candy necklace. The best part, other than how cool it looked, was how delicious it tasted. I didn't know it would taste, if it would all be for show, but the drink was one of the best things ever. Yes, the goblets are huge, so I shared with my husband. Our server said there are around eight shots of liquor in them. So if you drink one by yourself, you'll be stumbling out of there. To eat, we ordered the Margherita Pizza, the colorful sliders, and some fries. The sliders were super fun and unique. My boys loved choosing which color slider they wanted to eat. The service was on point and I loved the idea behind the restaurant. I'm so happy we have a location here and we can return and try more drinks!


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