A Visit to Mighty-o-donuts in South Lake Union

If you're searching for healthy donuts in Seattle, you can find some at Might-o-donuts. They are organic, egg and dairy free, and they don't use GMO's. I found the donuts to be very light and non-greasy. They have a nice selection of flavors to choose from and since we are in Seattle, they can whip up a latte to go with your donuts. We visited their new location in the Denny Triangle, their 5th location. They were established in 2000 and have been making donuts you can feel good about eating ever since. The four of us each ordered one donut. My husband had a Twist, a homemade yeast raised donut with cinnamon and sugar. One of my sons had a Grasshopper donut-a chocolate mint glazed on a cake donut, and my other son had a Chocolate Peanut Butter donut, which was a peanut butter glaze on a chocolate cake donut. The donut I chose was a Donut King, a chocolate cake donut with a vanilla glaze and then rolled in coconut. These weren't your usual "eat a donut and have a stomach ache later" kind. They use quality ingredients so you won't feel guilty when you eat them.


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