Pressed Juicery

I took a stroll to Westlake Center in downtown Seattle to check out Pressed Juicery. I wanted to try one of their Freezes- a non dairy, gluten free and vegan treat. The photos I was seeing on social media looked awesome and oh so tasty, so I wanted to try one. The Freeze is a soft-serve frozen treat that tasted just like ice cream. But instead of dairy they use fruit and vegetable juice, or almonds, dates, and other natural ingredients. I tried the Vanilla Almond topped with the homemade cacao nut freeze drizzle and fresh strawberries. The ingredients in the Vanilla Almond are only dates, almonds, vanilla, and water. If you didn't tell me I wouldn't have been able to tell because it tasted delicious and super creamy. The cacao sauce on top tasted like hot fudge sauce and contrasted so well with the sweet strawberries. They also have a line of juices for cleansing or just sipping on the go to feel more healthy. That's one thing I can get behind-natural ingredients and healthy for you, but tastes so decadent and satisfying. Pressed Juicery started in California in 2010 and they now have locations all over. Westlake Center's location is one of three in the Seattle area.


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