Sunday Morning at the Market

Where do you take guests from out of town when visiting Seattle? Pike Place Market of course! This past weekend, my brother and his wife stayed with us and we covered quite of bit of ground.  On Sunday my husband and I took them to the market to walk around.  They loved looking at the fresh seafood, the colorful and local produce, all the different specialty foods to try and browsing for homemade gifts and crafts. 

When you're walking a lot and sightseeing, one works up an appetite.  So we had a snack at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company.  The doughnuts are small and covered in either powdered sugar, cinnamon or sprinkles.  My brother and I each bought a half dozen which were only about $2.50 for each bag of the sweet, fried treats.  If you're lucky, they'll make your doughnuts fresh to order and they'll make a show of throwing them in the air and catching them with the small paper bag.

Another popular place in the Market is Beecher's Cheese.  They are famous for their macaroni and cheese and their fresh cheese curds.  Beecher's supplies their cheese to local restaurants and stores and its not uncommon to see their cheese on burgers, poutine and more.  Beecher's is a pretty big store with tons of cheese to purchase, samples, and a large window where you can see it being made.

Here are a few more images of Pike Place Market.  As far as places to bring out of towners, you can't beat this spot. 

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