Lunch at Blue C Sushi in Fremont

After walking around Pike Place Market we were ready for some lunch. My brother and my sister-in law wanted some sushi during their visit so we took them to Blue C in Fremont. Fremont is a funky and artsy neighborhood in Seattle that I thought might be a fun place to show them. Plus, the Fremont Troll is always fun to see. After eating sushi, we walked around and did some window shopping and browsing.

Blue C Sushi has a cool concept at its restaurants. The sushi revolves around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. When you see something that looks good and you want to try, you just grab the plate. Then you stack each plate and pay at the end of your meal depending on the color of the plate. The four of us sat at the counter so not only could we watch the food being prepared but the sushi went by right in front of us.

A cup of hot green tea is the perfect way to begin a sushi lunch.

I started with my favorite kind of sushi, a California Roll.

My husband started with a plate of Sesame Noodles. 

I ate some Spicy Tuna Tacos which were very unique and interesting.  I really liked the flavor of the tuna with the housemade guacamole. 

My husbands' Cucumber Roll.

Some Pork Gyoza's which I thought were kind of spendy at four bucks. 

For dessert my husband and I split the key lime pie tart.  It was pretty small but a couple bites of the  and sweet tart was the perfect way to end the meal.

The Fremont Troll which is always fun to see.

We walked around the Fremont Antique Mall, a huge space of all kinds of intersting things to look at.  I was intrigued by the old cameras on display. 

A neat looking bike parked in front of a shop.  You never know what you'll find around the corner in Fremont. 

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