Lunch at Skillet Counter

I finally checked out Seattle Center's updated food court, The Armory, today for lunch.  I ate a burger at the Skillet Counter.  It was gourmet and made with really fresh ingredients and included hand-cut fries, but it was pretty spendy.  I mean, $12 bucks for a burger and fries in a food court setting, ouch.  Plus the hubby's gotta eat too so our total was $24.  For that price I want someone to wait on me, sorry. 

Skillet Counter is one of their three locations you can these burgers.  What makes them unique is the Bacon Jam.  I found it pretty salty and intense but people love the stuff.  They line up at Skillets' food truck and their diner on Capital Hill is really popular.  Bacon Jam is a spread they use on the brioche bun, then a four ounce patty, bleu cheese and arugula makes up what's called The Burger.  My husband ate The Basic, four ounce painted hills burger, lettuce, pollo's special sauce, a pickle and american cheese on a brioche bun.

I found everything too salty and there was a ton of bleu cheese oozing everywhere.  Hand-cut fries are my favorite but these were covered in salt.  This lunch had the potential of being unforgettable but was a little too expensive and salty for my taste. 

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