My 12 Favorite Travel Photos for 2012

I'm crazy about travel.  I love the idea of discovering new destinations and revisiting old favorites.  That I get to photograph it all and savor the memories later, is an extra bonus.  The rest of the world is catching on, pretty much everyone has a digital camera now and and we're all shutterbugs, capturing the world in our own unique way. 

This year I visited Vancouver, Alaska, Portland and the Oregon Coast.  I also checked out the Skagit County Tulip Festival in Washington, a sight that I'll never forget.  In Seattle, my own backyard, we had a couple new additions to this already incredible city-the Great Wheel on the Waterfront and the Dale Chuhuly Glass Museum at Seattle Center.  Here's my 12 favorite travel shots I took from these places in 2012, posted in order from the beginning of the year. 

1.  Vancouver, BC.

Because of the Olympics in 2012, Vancouver has grown even more with Condos springing up everywhere.  This shot, taken on our weekend trip in February, was taken in a downtown park near the water and the Olympic Cauldron.  Click here to see my Vancouver post. 

2. The Skagit County Tulip Festival in Mt. Vermon, WA.

I loved all the colorful tulips from the Tulip Festival.  My favorites were these pink ones.  It was neat seeing the tulips as far as the eye could see.  Click here for more of my tulip shots from the festival this year. 

3.  The Chuhuly Garden and Glass Museam at Seattle Center.

What a beautiful new addition to Seattle, Chuhuly's Glass Museum.  The pieces are so colorful and intricate.  Click here to find out more about the Museum and to see more of my photography of the glass structures.

4.  Palmer, Alaska

This year my brother got married in Palmer, Alaska, which is about an hour drive from Anchorage.  They tied the knot near this cool looking barn with the gorgeous peaks as a backdrop.  Click here to see the post of their wedding. 

5. Anchorage, Alaska

Who goes to Alaska to photograph skyscrapers?  Me, that's who.  Although the city was smaller than I though, it still has tons of charm, wonderful restaurants and a lot to photograph.  Click here to see more from my trip to Alaska. 

6.  A panoramic view from Seattle's Great Wheel.

My husband and I took a ride on the Great Wheel in late July.  The views were awesome and the sun was starting to set, resulting in some nice shots of my fair city.  Click here for more. 

7.  The Seattle Skyline photographed from the ferry.  

I love the new addition of the Ferris Wheel.  It reminds me of Santa Monica and London's Wheel.  When my husband and I took the Bainbridge Island Ferry in August, I looked out the window and got a new perspective on the skyline.  I took out my Nikon and started shooting, thinking yes, this is the reason I moved to the big city.  Its ever changing and growing structures means there's always things to shoot and keep me inspired.  Click here to see more of my photos of the skyline and our ferry ride.

8.  Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR.

This October my husband and I drove to Oregon for five days.  We stopped in Portland for lunch and a doughnut at Voodoo and then drove to the Coast.  We waited in line at Voodoo for about thirty minutes, not realizing what a cult following it has.  I enjoyed my doughnuts and was glad I checked it out.  Click here to see my post. 

9.  The Oregon Coast, Newport, OR. 

Ever since my first trip to the Oregon Coast when I was ten, I've loved it and always had a thing for it.  On my last trip there, I took a walk along the beach everyday, listening to my ipod, breathing in the fresh sea air and watching the waves lap up onto shore.  We stayed at a hotel right on the beach, so I could just walk down the stairclimb and I was on the beach.  Click here to see more photography from the Oregon Coast.

10.  Yaquina Head Bay-Newport, OR.

This was our view from our hotel, Yaquina Head Bay with the Lighthouse.  Yaquina Head Lighthouse is my favorite one on the Oregon Coast.  Click here for more photos. 

11. Yaquina Head Lighthouse- Newport, OR

My husband and I got to climb to the top and we recieved an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean.  This is one of my favorite spots to be. 

12.  The Sea Lions at Newports' Historic Bayfront. 

You've gotta love all the sweet looking sea lions sunbathing.  Everyone had their cameras out, shooting pictures of these friendly guys hanging out.  There was plenty to see and do in Newport, OR.  Click here to see more from my trip. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my recap of travel photography from 2012.  Thanks for reminiscing with me!  



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