Dinner at Via Tribunali

When it comes to pizza I'm not picky.  I'm the type of person who'll be super happy with a frozen pepperoni pizza.  Have some salad with a couple of slices and that's a favorite meal for me.  So when it comes to these authentic wood fired pizza places everywhere in Seattle, I'm on the fence.  I know the ingredients are fresh and that if you go to Italy, this is the pizza you'd probably find.  But it just doesn't rock my boat.  I love a greasy slice with cheese oozing everywhere and pepperoni everywhere.  I like my slice slathered on thick and even with a little kick to it.  I find some of these pizza places to have really light marinara, or pomodoro as its called, hardly any mozzarella, and sadly, pepperoni just isn't on "real pizza".  But, yes, I can appreciate the pizza for what it is.  It's local, fresh and truly authentic.  I also know everyone else loved the stuff, its just not my favorite.  And each to their own, right? 

So I always forget how I really feel about all this until I'm sitting in the pizzeria with the pizza in front of me.  Last night my husband and I had dinner at Via Tribunali in Georgetown. The pizza is super thin and expensive.   They're twelve inches so if you share you each get two really thin slices.  We ordered the Funghi, mushroom pizza, and a salad with aruguala and grana padano, a hard Italian cheese.  The quality of the food was high and enjoyable but it still wasn't my greasy, cheesy, pepperoni that I love. 

Our Insalata Di Parma, baby arugula, grana padano and lemon.

The Funghi, oven-roasted mushrooms, pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, basil, grana padano.

The reason I wanted to check out Via Tribunali was for the dessert- the Tartufo Affogato.  Affogato is a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso poured over the top.  In Italian, Affogato means drowned.   This one is with hazelnut gelato but its typically served with vanilla.  The best of both worlds, ice cream and espresso together. 

Take a bite!  Only a few scoops of gelato left, now its time to drink the espresso with melted gelato!  No wonder it took forever to fall asleep last night.  Did you know in Italy, its considered taboo to have espresso late in the day?  Most Italians consume it in the morning standing at a counter either in a straight shot or in a cappuccino.

Via Tribunali is has two locations in Seattle, in Georgetown and in Capital Hill.  Click here to see their website.

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  1. I understand your hesitancy, because I'm good with frozen pizza, too (srsly had DiGiorno last night), but I neopalitan-style, too. I like all kinds of pizza, with a giant slice of New York style pepperoni and mushroom being my favorite. I can't argue with you on the stinginess of the cheese--it's necessary to have all ingredients in every bite, I don't care how fancy the pizza is. :-)


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