My Top 12 Food and Drinks for 2012

The year 2012 has had its ups and downs just like any other year.  But I've still gotta eat and this year I definitely did.  Food plays a huge part in our lives.   It not only sustains us and keeps us alive but is always the centerpiece for family gatherings and celebrations in every culture.   Everyone has a favorite food, a restaurant they love eating at, or a memorable dish they make for special occasions.  I, like a lot of others, am always on the search for that perfect cup of hot chocolate, that unforgettable cupcake or doughnut, or that unique cocktail.  This year, my search was successful and I want to highlight some of the best things I've tasted. 

Here's my top 12 Food and Drinks for the year 2012 in the order I posted them:

1.  The Chocolate Chaud at Cafe Presse in Seattle. 

This lovely french hot chocolate, called Chocolate Chaud, was so rich and chocolaty that I could barely drink it all.  The best I found outside of France.  If you still haven't checked out Cafe Presse, go! Click here my post about Cafe Presse. 

2.  The 24 Carrot Cupcake from Cupcakes in Vancouver, BC. 

Back in February my husband and I spent the weekend in Vancouver, a beautiful gem of a city a few hours north of Seattle.  We popped into this adorable cupcake shop on West Broadway called Cupcakes and we ate this delicious, moist, full of raisons, carrot cupcake with super thick cream cheese icing.  Next time we visit Vancouver I may just get another one.  Click here to see my Vancouver post. 

3.  The Parini Sidecar from Tutta Bella in Seattle. 

This drink was so unique and refreshing.  The Parini Sidecar has Italian Brandy, Grappa, Gran Gala and a float of Pear Brandy.  I've even got back to Tutta Bella to try it again because it tasted so good the first time.  The second time didn't dissapoint either.  If you want to read about my visit to Tutta Bella, you can just click here

4.  Homemade Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Out of 12 favorite things only one of them is something I made at home.  Why? Well as much as I love experimenting with recipes, at the end of the day I'm just not a chef nor a pastry chef.  But even I have to admit, spinning a new twist on an old classic like Banana Bread, was a hit.  Click here for my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe. 

5.  Chocolate Covered Potato Chips from Trader Joe's. 

Sometimes if its wrong, you don't want to be right.  That was the case when I bit into this unbelievable snack.  Just imagine, the best of both worlds, chocolate and potato chips, together.  So good.... Click here to see my post about Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. 

6.  Foie Gras with Frites from Quinn's in Seattle. 

Foie Gras had been on my foodie list for a while.  Undeniably delicious and unforgettable.  I enjoyed the gravy on the fries and the foie gras melted in my mouth.  Want to hear more about my experience eating at Quinn's and find out more about the restaurant?  Just click here

7.  The Avive Peach Sparkling Wine from Luc in Seattle. 

The weekend of September 7th was one of the last warm and sunny weekends Seattle had this year.  We spent it dining outside at Luc, soaking up the sun while eating and drinking our way through the Happy Hour Menu.  We each started with a glass of this Peach Sparkling Wine.  It was crisp and hit the spot, exactly what the perfect drink should do.  Want to check out their Happy Hour?  Check out my post about Luc by clicking here

8.  The dessert Thali at Poppy in Seattle.

This dessert from Poppy was out of this world good.  My husband and I shared it after making our way through the happy hour menu.  From the apricot sorbet to the cocoa-nib shortbread's, the nutter butter squares, chocolate truffle torte and even more, its a dessert experience I'll never forget.  Click here to see more. 

9.  Raspberry French Macaron at Le Panier in Seattle. 

I learned that Le Panier in Pike Place Market is the place for French Macaron's.  This raspberry one was a solid choice.  They have so many more flavors that I bet are just as good.  Click here to see my post about Le Panier. 

10.  The Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. 

Just look at this.  How can you go wrong with a thick doughnut slathered in maple icing and then topped with two huge slices of crisp bacon?  I'm salivating.  I want another!  Click here to read more about my visit to Voodoo Doughnuts. 

11.  The Crab Artichoke Fondue from Georgie's Beachside Grill in Newport, OR.

Fondue was another of those on my foodie lists for a while.  While in Newport, OR for my birthday this year, I finally got to try some at Georgie's Beachside Grill.  It was, well, cheesy.  I loved the crab on top and I totally indulged.  I even got to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean while I ate.  For more about my time in Newport and the food I ate, click here

12.  The Salted Caramel Cupcake from Pinkabella Cupcakes

This was the best cupcake of all time.  I must admit to having eaten another one since the one pictured here.  The chocolate cake was so moist and fluffy, the salted caramel buttercream was awesome and the caramel sauce on top was crazy good.  To see my original post, click here

Well, there you have it!  Top 12 for 2012.  Hopefully next year I'll have 13 for 2013.  Here's to delicious and memorable food and drinks! 


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