Mug Huggers and Hello Kitty and Harry Potter Cocoa Bombs | Holiday Treats


An adorable surprise Hello Kitty marshmallow inside of my melted cocoa bomb! 

At the beginning of December, I found some cute holiday treats at Target and Ross. I decided to save them until the week of Christmas, or sometime during my sons' winter break. I found several items that I thought would be super fun to eat. I found a Hello Kitty Cocoa Bomb and three Christmas sugar cookies that are actually called Mug Huggers from Target. The Mug Huggers hang on your coffee cup while you have some Hot Cocoa. At Ross I bought a box of four Harry Potter Cocoa Bombs. They even came with a tiny plastic wand stir stick! 

After I poured in my warm milk into my mug, my Hello Kitty Cocoa Bomb didn't melt right away. So I stirred it with my spoon. The chocolate started so melt and then an adorable Hello Kitty marshmallow appeared! Luckily, I was taking a video, so I'll be posting a reel of it on my @uniquefoodiefinds Instagram. 

My boys had their Harry Potter Cocoa Bombs and I guess they didn't love the quality of the melted chocolate. Darn! My Hello Kitty one was better, I guess. We each put a cookie Mug Hugger on our mug. The cookies tasted good but were on the harder side. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by dipping it into our hot chocolates! 


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