Christmas Eve Lunch at Moshi Moshi in Ballard


A Bento Box lunch special from Moshi Moshi with Veggie Croquettes, Chicken Katsu, a salad, and a half-size Spicy Tuna Roll. 

After spending all day inside on Friday because of the ice storm in Seattle, we were ready to go out on Saturday for lunch. It was Christmas Eve and we wanted a nice meal out. The ice had finally melted, and it was pouring rain. A couple of days prior, I made a reservation at Moshi Moshi in Ballard. 

They are a Japanese spot located in historic Ballard and they've been open since 2009. Moshi Moshi means "hello" when greeting someone over the phone. We started with a signature cocktail from their menu. I had a Whiskey Sour and my husband had a Bella Donna. This drink had rum, nigori sake, grapefruit juice, lychee liqueur, and maraschino liqueur. Both drinks were flavorful and strong, too. 

We both chose the Bento Box Lunch Special. We upgraded to the half roll of Spicy Tuna Roll for $2. You can choose two other items and we picked the Veggie Croquettes and the Chicken Katsu with Rice. You also get a bowl of Miso Soup and a salad. With the Spicy Tuna Roll upgrade, it is $18.

Everything tasted fresh and was piping hot. The sushi was spicy with nice, big pieces. You can watch them making the sushi, which is always fun, too. Our boys got an order of Inari, and they also got some Yakitori, which are chicken skewers. Our boys were more interested in our Bento Box, however, and helped us eat our Chicken Katsu and Veggie Croquettes. Good stuff! 

For dessert, we shared an order of the Cookie Roll. This fun and unique dessert has vanilla ice cream wrapped in raw chocolate chip cookie dough, and it's topped with whipped cream, peanuts, and a cherry. The serving was bigger than we anticipated, so we ended up taking the rest home and freezing it. 

The interior at Moshi Moshi is fun. They have neat Japanese decor and trees with LED lights. They fill up fast, so they recommend making reservations. This is a solid choice for sushi in Ballard! 

                                    My pretty and tasty Whiskey Sour topped wtih an egg white.

                                                     My husband's Bella Donna cocktail.

                                An order of the Inari, which comes with two pieces. We got two orders.

                                                              Some hot Miso Soup.

                                                            The crispy Veggie Croquettes.

The half order of my Spicy Tuna Roll in my Bento Box. 

Chicken Katsu with Rice. 

The Yakitori, (Chicken Skewers). 

                                                       A Cookie Roll for dessert! 

Moshi Moshi Sushi and Izakaya

5324 Ballard Ave NW 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 971-7424


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