Checking out The Whale Tea in Bellevue


A Blue Crystal drink from The Whale Tea. 

A new bubble tea spot recently opened in downtown Bellevue. The Whale Tea is close to the park and a few blocks away from Bellevue Square Mall. There's free parking in front of the store. The Whale Tea has locations around the U.S, mostly on the East Coast and one location here in WA and Idaho. I couldn't find much info on the company. Their website just says something about a boy having a dream about a girl who turned into whale, and it was a glazed whale. Huh? Anyway, their drinks looked good and unique, so I thought I'd go try one. 

The store is bright and clean, with plants and cool lights. You have the option to order your drink at a kiosk and they give you a time for when your order will be ready. We waited about fifteen minutes for our drink. My son and I tried a pretty blue tea called a Blue Crystal drink, from the Whale Crystal Series. This drink has Coconut Milk and blue jelly. 

It was cool to look at and tasted refreshing, but not worth the eight bucks by the time I tipped. I could taste the coconut from the milk, but the blue jelly didn't have much flavor. This was a drink to whet the palette and basically look nice. However, it was fun to try something different at a new spot. 

The Whale Tea 

103 Bellevue Way NE Ste 2

Bellevue, WA 


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