Checking out the new Georgetown Pizza and Arcade


A slice of Pepperoni Pizza from Georgetown Pizza and Arcade.

A couple of weeks ago, Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood got a new pizza and pin ball spot. Georgetown Pizza and Arcade took over the former Stellar Pizza space. I was curious about it, so we just had to see for ourselves how the pizza was and what the new space looked like. They don't have a website, so we went in blind about the food and drink menu. 

The menu is bare bones. They don't have liquor, so only beer, cider, and wine. For food, it's just slices, or a half or whole pizza. Their pizza is square, not Detroit Style, just regular square pizza. We got a whole pie, which has eight large pieces. We were able to get half cheese and half pepperoni. Hopefully they will add some salads, wings, and other sides to the menu in the future. I ended up really liking the pepperoni pizza. The little pepperoni cups saved the day. There was also lots of cheese, which I like. To drink I had a Honey Crisp Seattle Cider, and my husband had a Manny's Beer. 

You have to order at the counter, and they bring your pizza over. We weren't impressed with the paper plates. The price for the pizzas were also too expensive. The slices are big, but $38 for a pizza is too much. You also have to get up and get your own napkins, parm cheese, and refills on your drinks. 

For the arcade, it's really only pinball machines, and just one Pac-Man in the very back. It's all ages until 8 pm. Hopefully they'll get a liquor license and add more menu items later. 

Georgetown Pizza and Arcade 

5518 Airport Way S.

Seattle, WA 


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