Trying the new Daboba in Factoria


A Passion Fruit Green Tea with Grass Jelly from Daboba. 

I'm a sucker for adorable bubble teas! And the drinks at Daboba in Factoria are no exception. Their logo is a bear and they have the cutest bear lids. I just had to go get one for myself. Daboba just recently opened and they currently have long lines. I waited for about fifteen minutes in line and other fifteen to get my drink. I chose a Passion Fruit Green Tea with Grass Jelly. My drink was so refreshing and tasted perfect! 

Daboba was established in 2018 in Maylasia. Their signature drink is a Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk. It's topped with a layer of cream foam and then sprinkled with brown sugar that gets torched and then caramelized. That drink looked amazing, but I wanted something fruitier and lighter. Maybe next time! They have a wide range of drinks like classic milk teas, fruit teas, and frappes made with yogurt. 

Hit this spot up if you're on the eastside and you get a boba tea craving! For me, the cute bear cup was worth it alone. 


12668 SE 38th St

Bellevue, WA 


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