Trying Crumbl Cookies


I got the goods! Four of this week's rotating flavors from Crumbl Cookies in Lynnwood, WA. 

When I saw online that Lynnwood, WA opened a Crumbl Cookies two months ago, I was super excited. They sell large, gourmet, freshly baked cookies. Every week the flavors rotate. When we visited there were six flavors to choose from and Milk Chocolate Chip is always on the menu. The cookies are served warm and come in their pretty, famous pink box. The box is oblong shaped and fits the cookies perfectly, so they're side by side. 

We bought four cookies. We tried the Honey Bun, Milk Chocolate Chip, an Original with M&M's, and their Peanut Butter Bar. Then my husband and I took them to our car and did a taste test. We took a couple bites of each one. The cookies are big and dense. It's hard to eat a whole one. 

My favorite cookie was the Peanut Butter Bar. The peanut butter flavor hit me hard, and it slapped, like the kids say. I loved this one and I especially loved the thick swirl of rich chocolate fudge frosting on top. This cookie is served chilled. I think the cookies with frosting are chilled and the others are served warm. The Honey Bun cookie was a little lighter and not as rich. The other two were my least favorite. The chocolate chip and M&M one tasted pretty standard and not as impressive or unique. I think the chilled and frosted cookies are the best at Crumbl. 

Crumbl Cookies first opened in 2017 by two cousins who were college students. The first store opened in Utah. Now there's locations open all over the nation. Social media helped make them famous, especially on Tik Tok where people love to review the rotating flavors every week. I'm glad there's a store near me and I finally got to try the cookies! 

Crumbl Cookies 

18411 Alderwood Mall Parkway 

Lynnwood, WA 

(425) 510-0526


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