Homemade Peach Pop Tarts

 I wanted to take my mind off all the rain we've been getting and bake something fun. January can be a long and wet month. So, some projects in the kitchen are just the ticket. I grew up eating Pop Tarts sometimes for breakfast. But they were always just kind of okay. A few years ago, I began seeing bakeries making them, and they always looked delicious. I decided to look online for some Pop Tart recipes so I could make some, too. I found one at allrecipes.com and then I bought the ingredients. I decided to use peach jam for my filling, but you can use any kind of filling you want. 

The Pop Tarts were really fun to make! The recipe I used called for refrigerated pie dough, so it was pretty simple. These tasted more like hand pies than pop tarts, they just looked similar. To make my frosting, I followed the recipe, but instead of food coloring, I used two tablespoons of peach jam. 

The recipe I used is from Allrecipes.com and can be found here


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