Trying the new Treat Cookies in Burien


The Taylor cookie from Treat Cookies in Burien is a yummy frosted sugar cookie! 

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! I hope you like them because this post has a lot of cookie photos! Treat Cookies recently opened in Downtown Burien. They're owned by a mother and her daughter and they started selling their cookies at local farmer's markets. The cookies were so popular they decided to open a store, luckily for us! The cookies are giant, thick, and gooey. I call these cookies "two sitting cookies" because I can only eat half at a time. You'll find these kind of delicious cookies in NYC, but Seattle was lacking these kind of treats. Don't get me wrong, I've had some really good cookies around town, but these babies are really thick and just perfect. 

Our family of four each selected one. My sons each had a Tessa, the Snickerdoodle one. My husband chose the Rosie, a Strawberry Shortcake cookie. Since I'm a sucker for frosting, I picked the Taylor, a really thick, soft, and gooey sugar cookie with thick pink frosting. 

We went back to our car and sampled our goodies. I couldn't stop saying how good these were. I loved how they were perfectly under baked. The middle was nice and gooey while the outside was crispy. The prices were right, too. Each cookie was $3. 

Treat Cookies

825 SW 152nd St. 

Burien, WA 

(555) 981-6665


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