An Afternoon in Kirkland, WA

 My family and I recently hung out in Kirkland for the afternoon. Kirkland, WA is 11 miles east of Seattle. It always feels nice to get out of our neighborhood for a bit and check out other areas. Our plan was to have lunch, go to the park, and then explore Totem Lake Village

We visited Shake Shack for lunch. They have three locations in the Seattle area and they're my fav fast food place! Shake Shack always has a line, it seems, anytime of day. People love it for the quality of the burgers, the crinkle fries, and the shakes and custards. We waited in line for about 5 minutes and we ordered outside. They have limited seating inside and plenty of tables outside. The day was nice and sunny, so we dined outside. 

I wish I could go back in time and eat this lunch again! I loved the flavors of everything. My sons and I each ordered a shake. They tried the Chocolate Pudding Shake and I had the Strawberry Rhubarb one. Theirs was really chocolaty while mine was nice and fruity. My husband and I each had the Chicken Sandwich. The chicken was a really thick piece with a nice, crispy coating. There was lettuce and pickles, and some buttermilk herb mayo. My sons shared some chicken nuggets and crinkle fries. We also shared some yummy cheese fries, which we loved! 

After lunch we walked across the street to Peter Kirk Park. There was a big play structure which kept our boys busy for a while. I liked walking around and checking out the cool statues. Then we headed to Totem Lake Village for some coffee. I'd never been there before to this shopping area. It's really nice with high end stores and restaurants. It reminded me of U-Village and even some areas in Whistler, BC. I grabbed some coffee at 203 F Coffee Co. I really liked their interior because of how bright and gorgeous it was. I ordered a Spicy Chai. The flavor was delicious and really refreshing. The quality and the price was pretty steep, but fine for a one time visit in this nice shopping area. I shared it with my hubby and still got a nice caffeine buzz going. 

I really liked my time in Kirkland! It was so fun exploring other parts of Washington.  

Shake Shack

300 Peter Kirk Ln, Kirkland, WA

(425) 250-8318

203 Fahrenheit Coffee Co.

11901 NE Village Square Dr.

Suite 171, Kirkland, WA

(425) 285-9382


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