Trying Man vs Fries

 Pop-ups are all the rage right now, especially ones that deliver. Man vs Fries is a really popular one with three locations in Seattle. You can get it delivered through several different delivery services. They currently are doing their pop-ups in major cities in the U.S and in Canada. Man vs. Fries is a fast food fusion restaurant. Their focus is on Mexican eats like giant burritos stuffed with fries and Cheetos, or fries covered with your choice or meat, guacamole, and more. 

We tried two of the savory items. We had the Flamin' Cali Crunch with Carne Asada and the Cali Crunch with Chicken. I couldn't believe the sizes of them. We could have gotten away with just ordering one, but the leftovers the next day hit the spot. For me, the hot Cheetos are almost too hot, so it made the Cali Crunch a little hard to eat. I ordered it with Queso, but didn't receive any. We also ordered the Double Stuf fried Oreos. These are popular at the fair and are always a good idea! 

Interested in trying Man vs. Fries? Check out their website and order some. Just be aware of how big each item is and also how the delivery fees add up fast. We spent $40 for the two hot items, a can of Coke, and the fried Oreos. Way pricier than the drive-thru, but you're getting more food and better quality. 

Look out, this baby's hot! The Flamin' Cali Crunch with Flamin' Hot Cheetos. 

This Cali Crunch is huge! Each one was big enough for two people. 

The Cali Crunch with Chicken! 
Four yummy Double Stuf Oreos that are deep fried and served with a side of chocolate sauce.


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